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Joining the PNCC

God is good all the time and all the time God is good; and when a door closes God opens many windows and one of these windows is the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC), a valid and legitimate and licit Catholic Church, recognized as such by the Vatican, with clear Apostolic succession ensuring valid and legitimate and licit sacraments. I fit right into this branch of the Catholic tradition first because I am from Poland but also because this church was organized in the late 1890s to respond to the needs of a hurting people who were hungry for hope; the PNCC was organized to provide spiritual care to people who felt uncared for by the Roman Catholic Church, they felt ignored and that their needs didn’t matter to the authorities of the Roman Catholic Church. Father Francis Hodur responded to the needs of the people who wanted preaching in a way they could understand by clergy that spoke their language and understood their needs by understanding where they came from and being sensitive to their culture, customs, and traditions. As a priest I am extra sensitive to the suffering and the struggles of the people of God because I, myself, have suffered and struggled being an immigrant, living under communist oppression in Poland, growing up in poverty in Poland, experiencing the immigrant life having to learn English and adapt to a new way of living; being bullied in school, going through the experience of my parents bitter divorce, the list could go on! I have a heart for the hurting man and woman!


On July 20, 2021, I was incardinated into the Polish National Catholic Church, as a priest of the Buffalo-Pittsburgh Diocese.  My bishop assigned me to Las Vegas, where I am now the Pastor of Divine Mercy Polish National Catholic Church (d.b.a. Divine Mercy Catholic Church.)  My priesthood fully intact in this new Catholic home, I am happy to be the organizing Pastor of this parish, and to tell this story of Truth + Work + Struggle = Success,  the motto of the Polish National Catholic Church.


There should be no doubt about whether or not you can go to a Polish National Catholic Church, as even the Vatican and the United States Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops says that the Polish National Catholic Church is a valid Catholic church. This is very important to me because I wanted to make sure that I joined a church that was 100 % Catholic, and this validity is recognized by the Vatican. I did not change religions. The Polish National Catholic Church is a Catholic church just like the Roman Catholic Church is a Catholic Church; it’s just a different tradition, a different way of being Catholic, but it’s the same faith. When you come to the Polish National Catholic Church you are not changing religions. You are Catholic. Period.

Father Adam Kotas

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